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Gorgeous wedding dress designed by Bella.
Wedding dress
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Featured Designer | Bella

Featured Designer: Bella


I am completely infatuated with this dress. Seriously, I am totally in shock that this is handmade! It never crossed my mind, as a bride, to look for a wedding dress on Etsy. Now, that makes me sad! Popular Dress just opened on Etsy in July. The owner, Bella Zhang, has really out done herself with this amazing v-neck lace dress! 


featured designer




featured designer











The drape is perfect, and that eyelash lace around the neckline and cap sleeves is stunning. I loved my wedding dress, but this does make me sigh just a tiny bit. The dress in the picture is Ivory, but it can be a custom color, as well. Find it HERE.


She has many more styles, everyone as gorgeous as this! Click over, and see what else Bella Zhang has designed over at Popular Dress!


xoxo julia


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