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Handcrafted bridal accessories for the Bespoke Bride.
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Featured Vendor | Black Label Decor

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Meet the smile behind Black Label Decor


I met Jess through Etsy. Her shop, Black Label Decor, inspired me in my own Etsy journey. Anything you need, from bridal showers to the big day, she has it! Banners, etched glasses, personalized hangers for you and your bridesmaids…it’s a party waiting to happen! Don’t take my word for it. Here is what her customers have to say about her:





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The proof is in the pudding–er–in the reviews. You get the point, Jess is a great girl with an awesome business. Who doesn’t love handmade, high-quality items?! It makes you feel all fuzzy inside. Ok, maybe that’s just me. I do love handmade. Take a look at some of the products selling at Black Label Decor.


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“The finishing touch starts with the Black Label”


Get in touch with Jess on Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. Also checkout her website: www.blacklabeldecor.com


Black Label Decor on Instagram

Black Label Decor on Instagram

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Follow Black Label Decor on Twitter



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