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The story behind Julia Belle's Veils
julia belle's veils
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          I’m Julia, owner and designer here at Julia Belle’s Veils. I am currently living in the deep south with my man, and Oreo, the neighbor’s cat who has taken a liking to my back porch! Whenever someone hears what I do, they always want to know how in the world I decided to design wedding veils. Long story short, I had  a dream veil in mind when I got married. I could not find it anywhere. The closest thing was nearly $400 and having one custom made was going to be close to that, as well! I started doing a little research, and ended up making my own veil. It wasn’t exactly what I dreamed of, but it was beautiful all the same!


5 years later, I have learned a lot about the art of making veils! I think every woman should be able to have a custom, handcrafted veil without going into debt up to their eyeballs! So I started Julia Belle’s Veils.

Julia Belle’s is all about you. This is your time. I want you to look in the mirror on your wedding day, and see exactly what you hoped you’d see! Every detail matters.


Here at Julia Belle’s Veils you have two options: design a bespoke veil or headpiece, or choose one from the Julia Belle’s Collection. There is no extra fee for a bespoke design (remember, no debt up to the eyeballs.) You will be charged for the materials and the time it takes me to make it.

Click on one of the above options to get started. I can’t wait to see what you choose!





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