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Be a part of the design process!

I firmly believe that a bride should feel like a princess on her big day. Whether you have been dreaming of this day since you were a child, or just since he popped the question, you should feel amazing walking down that aisle.



I know, firsthand, how expensive bridal veils can be. The closest thing I could find to my dream veil was $400! And it wasn’t even perfect! That’s why I created Julia Belle’s Veils. You should be able to have a bespoke veil or headpiece, made just for you, without going into debt up to your eyeballs!



If you want a free consultation, email me a picture of your dress to, or stop in my Etsy shop and I will personally help you design your veil.

Bespoke Veil

These are some of the things I will need to know to help you get started.


26 inches

47 inches

60 inches

90 inches

100+ inches