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Bespoke veils and headpieces for your big day!
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Bespoke Designs are all about you. They are your dreams transferred into tulle and lace. I know first hand how difficult it can be to plan a wedding. I know not every dream can become a reality, and, for some unknown reason, bridal salons put a very big tag on a tiny piece of tulle. I started Julia Belle’s to help you hang on to one of those dreams.


I would LOVE to design a veil or headpiece that gives you that warm fuzzy feeling inside! Before we get started I want to give you a short run down on veils so that we start this process on the same page.


English net is one of my all time favorite materials. it is the definition of luxury. English net is not quite as sheer as traditional tulle, but it is ten times softer. It has more of a fabric feel to it, and drapes beautifully.


Traditional tulle is what you would normally picture a veil being made of. It is sheer and the kind I use is very soft. It doesn’t drape like English net but it gives you a very ethereal look.

Elbow Length is about 26 inches. the veil will come to around your elbow or waist.

Fingertip Length is around 40-42 inches. It usually comes to rest at the fingers or a bit below.

Waltz, or ballet, length is around 60-65 inches. it comes close to the floor on most people.

Chapel Length is around 70-75 inches. This length is meant to touch the floor and sometimes for a small train.

Cathedral length is my most dramatic length. It is generally between 90 to 118 inches. Much beyond that is called Royal length. They are rare, but if you are interested I would love to make one!

Blushers can be added to any of my veil styles. They are the veil that goes in front of your face. I can do that in one of two ways. The first is a two layer veil. each layer is separate but attached to the same comb. The second is as a circle veil, or drop veil. That is where the comb is attached to a circle of tulle and it looks as though the veil is laying on your head.

I do not have laces on hand. For Bespoke Designs I prefer to find a lace that matches not only your dress but your budget. If you would like a lace added to your design, send me a picture of your dress or find a picture of a veil you are interested in.

I make headpieces, as well. I specialize in beaded lace headpieces, and I do wire, as well. Now that we are all caught up on the lingo and materials, send me an email or contact me in my Etsy Shop. I can’t wait to see your dreams come true!