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In the Studio: English Net Drop Veil

Every one of my brides are special to me. Your names are written in my white leather notebook, telling the story of Julia Belle’s Veils. Who knows maybe one day I will hit it big! 😉 Your names will be right there. I have poured my heart into every veil that has passed through my studio. This veil though, this veil has a special place in my heart. This veil belongs to one of my very best friends. Every stitch is a joy, and a prayer for her wedding, and for her marriage.


Naturally, the materials she chose are delicate and graceful. English net is one of my absolute favorite materials. It drapes so effortlessly. The hand-cut lace is a soft, barely there material. She chose a drop veil, so that it will drape gracefully over her for her walk down the aisle.  I love English Net for this style veil because it down not stick to itself too much. Basic tulle has a tendency to get caught on itself when the groom or father of the bride lifts the veil.


The headband is hand-beaded in silver and pearls, and trimmed with leftover lace from the veil. (You should SEE her bridal portraits! AMAZING! But that’s for another day.) This veil has been an absolute pleasure to design! I cannot wait to go through this journey with you!


Untitled design (16)





Untitled design (18)





Untitled design (19)




Untitled design (17)




Untitled design (20)





Untitled design (21)



What do you think of this design? I love to hear from you!


P.S. Is this headband exactly what you have been looking for? You’re in luck! You can order it right here!














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In the Studio | Hand-beaded, Lace Trimmed Veil

lace trim veil

 lace trimmed veil

I am so excited to introduce you to the first piece in my 2015 Spring Collection! This is the Annalise Veil. The delicate lace has been hand-beaded with silver seed beads and pearls to bring out the intricate details. This was then sewn to a soft Ivory tulle.


Spring is a time of new beginnings and this veil is perfect for your new beginning!




Lace trimmed veil


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If you are interested in the Annalise veil, visit my Shop page or click here for more information!



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