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California Wedding | Real Wedding

california wedding



This California wedding will leave you dreaming! Ariana was a joy to work with. I have to admit, I was STOKED to make this veil. I love the look of the lace on the cap (yes, cap!)



The Venue


Where was your venue, and why did you pick it?


Calvary Chapel East Anaheim- It was the church I grew up, gave my life to Christ in, and was baptized in. I attended there for 22 years. My husband attended there for 11 years. I met my husband on a missions trip through CCEA, when we were both in high school.

The Dress

Where did you get your dress?

I had a piece of my father’s shirt cut out and sewn in a heart shape into my dress. Over the shirt was lace from my mother’s wedding dress.
All of the boutonnieres were fake flowers, made out of my husband’s late grandmother’s sheet music (my husband is a worship leader). I even had a few fake flowers in my bouquet, made out of sheet music, as well.
 california wedding

Who was your florist?


A friend of mine, Sara Hughes, who does floral arrangements for weddings in her garage
My bouquet was wrapped with more lace from mother’s wedding dress, and had two pins. One was our Chambers family crest from Ireland (where my Husband and I want to be missionaries) and a USAF pin in honor of my Father.



The Ariana Veil (named after this lovely bride!) is an English Net, Juliette Cap veil, with Alencon Lace detailing

The Ceremony


My Father is a veteran. When he left the military, he lost his blues due to family circumstances. He surprised me with new Air Force blues to walk me down the aisle. It was the greatest surprise!

















My husband’s Grandfather is a Pastor, and performed the ceremony. We had a memorial table set up in memory of all of those who had passed away.






We took communion with my families communion cup and plate that we used at home for family Bible Study.



wedding party (11)



wedding party (10)



wedding party (22)


The Reception

Who made your cake? 


 De Leon’s Bakery, Fullerton CA
The glasses, that were filled with orange juice for our toasts, were the ones my sister and brother-in-law used for their toasts at their wedding.


  wedding party (20)
  wedding party (25)
pin corinne (5)
wedding party (26)
wedding party (21)
wedding party (28)

Last, but certainly not least, who did all of this amazing photography?


Ariana, your wedding was amazing! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of it!!
If you loved her veil, as much as I do, you can find more details here.
 california wedding. california wedding. california wedding. california wedding. california wedding.
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Real Wedding: Mitch and Lauren 12-13-14

I love sharing pictures of my Custom Designs. It’s even better to share a real wedding featuring my Custom Designs! This is Lauren and her new hubby, Mitch. Lauren was my first bride. She played a huge roll in getting Julia Belle’s off the ground. Thank you, Lauren, for that!! She had a Custom Design. I loved the vintage-inspired, ivory lace headpiece and French net birdcage veil so much that it is listed for sale in my shop! It goes without saying that it is named after this lovely bride.






1. Who did your….




Photography: Sarah Scruggs photography


Dj: Brian Hines with Audio To Go


Videography: Tricia Coyne



Dress: Allure


Flowers: Donna Kay bouquet flowers and gifts


Cake: Gingerbread Meeting House


Bridesmaids dresses: Mori Lee


Makeup: Summer Whitfield


Hair: Laura Hamrick



2. Why did you pick your Venue?


We picked our venue because it was the ideal location and all inclusive. It was so nice to show up, be pampered and not have to worry about setting up or cleaning up after. The staff at The Gingerbread meeting house were so accommodating and met every need we have. They are an in house catering service and the food is absolutely delicious!


3. What details were special/significant to you?


There were many details and specifics that were significant to us. Most importantly we wanted family to feel comfortable, relaxed and enjoy themselves on our special day. As far as theme goes- our venue and florist most definitely went above and beyond to create a rustic vintage ambiance.


4. Where did you get ready?


Everyone was able to get ready at our venue, The Gingerbread Meeting House.


5. Fun fact:


I was 30 min late to venue to get ready because me and a couple bridesmaids got stuck at a train!


6. Number 1 planning tip:


It’s YOUR day. Opinions will come and they will go, but do what makes you happy!












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email blurb


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All About the Bridesmaids Part 2

Happy Wedding Wednesday!! Hope your day has been lovely so far! This is a follow up post to my All About the Bridesmaids Part 1. If you missed those gift ideas you can find them here!

Let’s dig into these goodies! I saved some of my favorites for last. Once again, I’m southern. I love me some personalized goodies! Which is why I picked these awesome tumblers!


One thing I know about wedding planning is drinks are needed. What kind is totally up to you! My personal preference is sweet tea, but I know that is totally foreign to some of you! These fantastic tumblers were made by Christy over at Mile High Gifts. She has many many more great ideas in her shop! You can follow her on Facebook as well!

On top of being well hydrated, you want to make sure you don’t mess up your hair and makeup once it’s done. These Kimono Style Robes are perfect for staying cute and covered!


You can find these and much more at SunsetToSunrise. You can follow them on Facebook for updates on new products!

That’s all for now ladies! I hope these ideas have been inspiring! 🙂 Good luck on finding that perfect gift!!

If you have any other great ideas, feel free to leave them in the comments!!

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All About Bridesmaids Part 1

Since getting into the wedding business, I have read so many horror stories about Bridesmaids gone rogue. It’s crazy! If you decided to really branch out, and pick your very best friends to be your bridesmaids, you may want to read this post! I’ve got some fun gift ideas, and ways to ask your girls to be your bridesmaids!

I could have been a little more creative with asking my girls. Honestly, though, they knew it was coming, and that they would be asked. The night he proposed, my husband and I, cozied up on the couch with a phone, and called everyone who needed to know before the Facebook announcement went out. I know, I know! Waiting that long to make it Facebook official is brave. We made it through, though! Anyway, I cut right to the chase. As soon as they answered the phone, I asked them to be my bridesmaids. Que squealing. It was a great moment. However, if you are wanting to make it a bit more official, I love this card by Creatively Engaged!


Hilarious! Creatively Engaged founder, Alisa, has won the Knot Best Weddings Award and the New Jersey Bride Magazine’s prestigious ‘Love It’ award for Best Invitations in 2012. She is the real deal! There is so much more than this awesome card happening at Creatively Engaged, as well. Check out her Etsy shop and her website for more great ideas!

I racked my brain for Bridesmaid’s gifts. Seriously, with so much wedding running through my head, I was out of creativity. Finally, I decided on shoes. They had bought the dresses I wanted, and we were all wearing the same shoes. So, I gave them the shoes as their gift. They were awesome!


Jaclyn, over at Ready Maker Designs, has some great ideas for gifts, as well. I love this mug set! I’m Southern, the more personalized things are the happier I am!


She has all kinds of styles, too. Love it! All her work is by hand. She has wedding invitations, greeting cards, personalized stamps, and much more! Swing by her Shop, and see for yourself!

Staying true to my Southern roots again. I LOVE this initial, pearl necklace! I found it over at PetiteVanilla. They have so many different styles, but the pearl is my fav, of course! I think it’s the personal details that let your girls know you appreciate them, and all they have done for you!


Check out this and more from Petite Vanilla here.

I hope this has been helpful, and given you some inspiration! Check back next Wednesday for more Bridesmaids Ideas!


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