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Real Wedding | Leanne and James: the Story Behind the Veil


If you have followed my work at all, you undoubtedly recognize the photo below. It’s practically the definition of Julia Belle’s. It’s my Mary veil. My little shop was more of a hobby than a business before this beauty came along. Now I have been so busy that it has taken me nearly two years to tell you the story behind the veil! The lovely, and rather iconic, bride wearing the Mary veil is Leanne MARY Doolittle, my sister-in-law. When we were designing her veil we knew it had to be true to her simple and classic style. English net was the answer. The straight lines and perfect drape of this material was exactly what we needed. Once her March wedding was over, I posted these pictures of her veil and the rest is history. You all have loved this veil! So it’s about time I show you the first bride to wear it!



Leanne and James








The Dress

Her dress is a Casablanca Fall 2014. She had the sleeves shortened to 3/4 length. Here is the link to the dress if you are wanting the whole look! She bought it at Jo-Lin’s Bridal in Columbia, South Carolina.























This Daddy/Daughter dance shocked me! I know it’s hard to believe anyone can be surprised at a fun/crazy wedding dance these days, but you don’t know my father-in-law! Watch the whole thing here! 



This stunning cake was from….drum roll please….SAM’S CLUB!! It was delicious and gorgeous and not $400!! Highly recommend!



Fun fact: My brother-in-law’s (the guy in black off to the left) girlfriend caught the bouquet! I will be posting their wedding shortly!




Leanne, having you as a sister-in-law and friend has been a huge blessing in my life. I love you to the moon and back! Oh and thanks for the Mary veil! 🙂




Photography by: Mackenzie Leigh 

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real wedding

Real Wedding | Christina and Frank

The woodsy feel to this real wedding is charming, but their daughter stole the show! Don’t take my word for it!  Untitled design

Christina’s veil is a Bespoke Design centered around the Tessa Veil. She added two flowers, and more beading in the centers. I love how this turned out!

1. Who did your:


Photography: S18 Photography. I’m a photographer myself, and I had been following them for a while. When I got engaged, they were my first choice.


Catering: College Park Cafe, Princeton, NJ. The owner Lou was BEYOND amazing. We had a 100% vegan cocktail hour and dinner. He was a dream to work with and his staff blew us away


Cake: Our cake and cupcake favors were actually a gift from my Husbands friend Jeff who is a chef. (IG: ChefJeff19)


Dress: I had two dresses, my first was from Castle Couture. After the ceremony, I changed into a dress from Neiman Marcus.


Bridesmaids dresses: Davids Bridal! I let my girls each pick their own style dress. As long as it was long, chiffon and the color was Horizon Blue. Each girl looked amazing in there own way.


2. Why did you pick your venue?


I knew I wanted a wooded ceremony and I needed somewhere I could find my own caterer since we are vegan. I wanted something unique. (I’m from NJ where we have these “wedding factory” type venues. Very cliche.)


3. What details were special\significant to you?


We had a family friend as the officiant. She guided us through picking every part of our ceremony. It was so special, and we were able to incorporate my daughter.


4. Where did you get ready?


Courtyard by Marriott in Princeton, NJ. The guys got ready in our bridal suite, the girls got ready in a dressing room they set up for us in a meeting room downstairs. The entire staff was OUTSTANDING.


5. Where was the honeymoon?

JAMAICA 🙂 Jewel Paradise Cove, we had a butler suite. Our butlers, Sherril and Giftson, were like family by the time we checked out. I cried when we left, we are still facebook friends! I can not say enough about the level of service we received that week.



real wedding

Photo credit: S18 Photography



real wedding

Photo credit: S18 Photography



real wedding

Photo credit: S18 Photography




Photo credit: S18 Photography




Photo credit: S18 Photography




Photo credit: S18 Photography




Photo credit: S18 Photography




Photo credit: S18 Photography



Told ya! She is precious! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your big day! Happily ever after y’all!



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In the Studio: English Net Drop Veil

Every one of my brides are special to me. Your names are written in my white leather notebook, telling the story of Julia Belle’s Veils. Who knows maybe one day I will hit it big! 😉 Your names will be right there. I have poured my heart into every veil that has passed through my studio. This veil though, this veil has a special place in my heart. This veil belongs to one of my very best friends. Every stitch is a joy, and a prayer for her wedding, and for her marriage.


Naturally, the materials she chose are delicate and graceful. English net is one of my absolute favorite materials. It drapes so effortlessly. The hand-cut lace is a soft, barely there material. She chose a drop veil, so that it will drape gracefully over her for her walk down the aisle.  I love English Net for this style veil because it down not stick to itself too much. Basic tulle has a tendency to get caught on itself when the groom or father of the bride lifts the veil.


The headband is hand-beaded in silver and pearls, and trimmed with leftover lace from the veil. (You should SEE her bridal portraits! AMAZING! But that’s for another day.) This veil has been an absolute pleasure to design! I cannot wait to go through this journey with you!


Untitled design (16)





Untitled design (18)





Untitled design (19)




Untitled design (17)




Untitled design (20)





Untitled design (21)



What do you think of this design? I love to hear from you!


P.S. Is this headband exactly what you have been looking for? You’re in luck! You can order it right here!














interested in a

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10 Tips for Your Big Day | Throw back Thursday

Here is my #tbt post! It’s an oldie but a goodie!


tips for your big day


tips for your big day

I know a lot of brides who have dreamed of their big day. They had it all planned out. When they walked in that bridal boutique, they had a pre-made list of every detail of that dress. Then there are those who really never thought about marriage at all. If I am completely honest, wedding planning will be a shock to both of you! I confess, I am the former. I really thought I had it all figured out. I mean, I had 4 different wedding plans in my head for all 4 seasons. Suddenly, the man was on his knee, the ring was on my finger, and I was CLUELESS!! So, I have made a list of my top 10 wedding tips, including some Mother of the Bride tips from my mom, so get her in on this too!


Top 10 Wedding Tips


1.  The Photographer Is Number 1

Seriously girls! Do not scrimp on the photographer. Set the biggest part of your budget aside for them, and the venue. That wedding is consuming your brain cells right now, but it will only last a few hours. You will only wear the dress once. You will only have the pictures to fall back on. Make sure they are top-notch!


2. The Dress Is a Close Second

I know you want to storm David’s Bridal the day after that ring slides on. Really, though, set a date with Pinterest first. You may think you know what you want. Chances are you haven’t seen every dress out there. Type in “wedding dress” and just look. Also, be open to the fact that the “perfect dress,” in your mind, may make you look like a moldy mushroom. No offense, but body types are all different. Find a dress that flatters you! If you don’t feel beautiful on your big day, I promise you will regret it. Remember the top notch pictures? You will be in almost every one of them.


3. Be a Window Not a Door.

A family friend wrote me a letter after I got engaged. She told me to “be a window not a door.” For some reason, people feel a need to tell brides how to plan their wedding. Sometimes I think it’s because they regretted something about theirs. Sometimes they just want to be a part of it. Most of the time they are not trying to stress you out, and ruin your day. So, my friends advice fit well. If you are a window, all of the extra suggestions, and stress, and people, can go right through. But if you are a door, all of that just piles up against you are you WILL become Bridezilla.


4. Smile, Fake It.

From the time you are engaged, until you are safely tucked away in the get away car, you will need to smile. I know, that sounds rough. No, you will not want to the whole time. Here’s the deal though, this is it! A lot of people say that in a game over kind of way, and that is NOT what I mean. I mean this is your time! You are a bride. Little girls will sit and stare at you like you might sprout wings at any moment. You parents will be wondering where the time went. Your friends are all excited with you! So smile. I know you want to be stressed. It’s natural. As brides, we are told everything is all about us, but that could not be farther from the truth. It’s about celebrating your love for that man who asked you to marry him. Don’t spend this time fighting with everyone, or annoyed at everything. Be a window, a smiling window 🙂


5. Your Man Is Still Important

Weddings are kind of all about brides. At least, that’s what we have made it. Like I said, it’s really about celebrating your love for that man that was on his knee. Don’t forget him. Don’t push him aside. If he has an opinion, listen. If he needs time with you without any wedding talk, shut the book, put away this blog, and go with him. After the party is over, and you are tucked safely away in the get away car, it’s just you and him. Keep that relationship alive. Let him know he is the most important thing to you. Honestly, without him, you wouldn’t be planning a wedding.


6. Make a Little Girls Day

Ok, do you remember being a little girl at a wedding? I do. My moms friends got married. I was watching the bride get pictures taken and she waved at me. I told her her dress was getting dirty and she said it was ok. That story sounds so lame. It was over 20 years ago. I still remember it like it was yesterday. Do not under estimate the impact a woman in wedding gown can have on a little girl. Take time to bend down, and say hello. Thank them for coming. Dance with them. Or, tell them it’s ok that your dress is dirty. Just do it with that smile you pasted on your face!


7. Make Time For Family Time

This is mainly for the girls who are moving away, but it applies to all. Make time in all the craziness to just be with your family. Honestly, when I left my wedding, I was surprised that it had gone that quickly. I was going on my honeymoon the next day and my family was going back home. That was it. I had moved out. I was thrilled to be married to my man, and excited about the journey ahead of me. However, it’s a bittersweet moment. Don’t come to that moment and realize you didn’t prepare for it.


8. Mother-Of-The-Bride: Plan Ahead To Have  Face To Face Time With Your Daughter

The wedding day is way more rushed than you may have thought. Her friends will all be hovering around. Family is in town. Your friends will all be hovering around. Make sure you take some time out from all of that to be with your girl. This is that moment you knew was coming. Like with most of those moments, we are always way busier than we thought we would be. Next thing you know, it’s gone. Plan ahead.


9. Mother-Of-The-Bride: Take Your Own Pictures

She got a top-notch photographer. That’s great, but they may not know how precious it is to get Uncle Joe dancing with Aunt Sue. There will be moments you want to remember forever. Don’t hide behind the camera all night, but bring it along!


10. To the Bride From My Mom:

If you are happy, everyone will be happy.

So there you have it, my Top 10 Tips. I hope your wedding is all that you dreamed(or never dreamed) that it would be. Oh I forgot! One more bonus tip:


11. Always get a veil from JuliaBelle’s.

Happy Planning!!



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Featured Vendor | Black Label Decor

Follow Black Label Decor on Twitter


Screenshot 2015-02-09 at 10.02.40 PM


Meet the smile behind Black Label Decor


I met Jess through Etsy. Her shop, Black Label Decor, inspired me in my own Etsy journey. Anything you need, from bridal showers to the big day, she has it! Banners, etched glasses, personalized hangers for you and your bridesmaids…it’s a party waiting to happen! Don’t take my word for it. Here is what her customers have to say about her:





Screenshot 2015-02-09 at 8.57.09 PM


The proof is in the pudding–er–in the reviews. You get the point, Jess is a great girl with an awesome business. Who doesn’t love handmade, high-quality items?! It makes you feel all fuzzy inside. Ok, maybe that’s just me. I do love handmade. Take a look at some of the products selling at Black Label Decor.


Black Label Decor                Screenshot 2015-02-09 at 9.28.10 PM    Screenshot 2015-02-09 at 9.27.35 PM




“The finishing touch starts with the Black Label”


Get in touch with Jess on Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. Also checkout her website:


Black Label Decor on Instagram

Black Label Decor on Instagram

Screenshot 2015-02-09 at 9.45.14 PM

Follow Black Label Decor on Twitter



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Real Wedding: Mitch and Lauren 12-13-14

I love sharing pictures of my Custom Designs. It’s even better to share a real wedding featuring my Custom Designs! This is Lauren and her new hubby, Mitch. Lauren was my first bride. She played a huge roll in getting Julia Belle’s off the ground. Thank you, Lauren, for that!! She had a Custom Design. I loved the vintage-inspired, ivory lace headpiece and French net birdcage veil so much that it is listed for sale in my shop! It goes without saying that it is named after this lovely bride.






1. Who did your….




Photography: Sarah Scruggs photography


Dj: Brian Hines with Audio To Go


Videography: Tricia Coyne



Dress: Allure


Flowers: Donna Kay bouquet flowers and gifts


Cake: Gingerbread Meeting House


Bridesmaids dresses: Mori Lee


Makeup: Summer Whitfield


Hair: Laura Hamrick



2. Why did you pick your Venue?


We picked our venue because it was the ideal location and all inclusive. It was so nice to show up, be pampered and not have to worry about setting up or cleaning up after. The staff at The Gingerbread meeting house were so accommodating and met every need we have. They are an in house catering service and the food is absolutely delicious!


3. What details were special/significant to you?


There were many details and specifics that were significant to us. Most importantly we wanted family to feel comfortable, relaxed and enjoy themselves on our special day. As far as theme goes- our venue and florist most definitely went above and beyond to create a rustic vintage ambiance.


4. Where did you get ready?


Everyone was able to get ready at our venue, The Gingerbread Meeting House.


5. Fun fact:


I was 30 min late to venue to get ready because me and a couple bridesmaids got stuck at a train!


6. Number 1 planning tip:


It’s YOUR day. Opinions will come and they will go, but do what makes you happy!












lh2 lh3



















































email blurb


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All About the Bridesmaids Part 2

Happy Wedding Wednesday!! Hope your day has been lovely so far! This is a follow up post to my All About the Bridesmaids Part 1. If you missed those gift ideas you can find them here!

Let’s dig into these goodies! I saved some of my favorites for last. Once again, I’m southern. I love me some personalized goodies! Which is why I picked these awesome tumblers!


One thing I know about wedding planning is drinks are needed. What kind is totally up to you! My personal preference is sweet tea, but I know that is totally foreign to some of you! These fantastic tumblers were made by Christy over at Mile High Gifts. She has many many more great ideas in her shop! You can follow her on Facebook as well!

On top of being well hydrated, you want to make sure you don’t mess up your hair and makeup once it’s done. These Kimono Style Robes are perfect for staying cute and covered!


You can find these and much more at SunsetToSunrise. You can follow them on Facebook for updates on new products!

That’s all for now ladies! I hope these ideas have been inspiring! 🙂 Good luck on finding that perfect gift!!

If you have any other great ideas, feel free to leave them in the comments!!

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Featured Designer | Bella

Featured Designer: Bella


I am completely infatuated with this dress. Seriously, I am totally in shock that this is handmade! It never crossed my mind, as a bride, to look for a wedding dress on Etsy. Now, that makes me sad! Popular Dress just opened on Etsy in July. The owner, Bella Zhang, has really out done herself with this amazing v-neck lace dress! 


featured designer




featured designer











The drape is perfect, and that eyelash lace around the neckline and cap sleeves is stunning. I loved my wedding dress, but this does make me sigh just a tiny bit. The dress in the picture is Ivory, but it can be a custom color, as well. Find it HERE.


She has many more styles, everyone as gorgeous as this! Click over, and see what else Bella Zhang has designed over at Popular Dress!


xoxo julia


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All About Bridesmaids Part 1

Since getting into the wedding business, I have read so many horror stories about Bridesmaids gone rogue. It’s crazy! If you decided to really branch out, and pick your very best friends to be your bridesmaids, you may want to read this post! I’ve got some fun gift ideas, and ways to ask your girls to be your bridesmaids!

I could have been a little more creative with asking my girls. Honestly, though, they knew it was coming, and that they would be asked. The night he proposed, my husband and I, cozied up on the couch with a phone, and called everyone who needed to know before the Facebook announcement went out. I know, I know! Waiting that long to make it Facebook official is brave. We made it through, though! Anyway, I cut right to the chase. As soon as they answered the phone, I asked them to be my bridesmaids. Que squealing. It was a great moment. However, if you are wanting to make it a bit more official, I love this card by Creatively Engaged!


Hilarious! Creatively Engaged founder, Alisa, has won the Knot Best Weddings Award and the New Jersey Bride Magazine’s prestigious ‘Love It’ award for Best Invitations in 2012. She is the real deal! There is so much more than this awesome card happening at Creatively Engaged, as well. Check out her Etsy shop and her website for more great ideas!

I racked my brain for Bridesmaid’s gifts. Seriously, with so much wedding running through my head, I was out of creativity. Finally, I decided on shoes. They had bought the dresses I wanted, and we were all wearing the same shoes. So, I gave them the shoes as their gift. They were awesome!


Jaclyn, over at Ready Maker Designs, has some great ideas for gifts, as well. I love this mug set! I’m Southern, the more personalized things are the happier I am!


She has all kinds of styles, too. Love it! All her work is by hand. She has wedding invitations, greeting cards, personalized stamps, and much more! Swing by her Shop, and see for yourself!

Staying true to my Southern roots again. I LOVE this initial, pearl necklace! I found it over at PetiteVanilla. They have so many different styles, but the pearl is my fav, of course! I think it’s the personal details that let your girls know you appreciate them, and all they have done for you!


Check out this and more from Petite Vanilla here.

I hope this has been helpful, and given you some inspiration! Check back next Wednesday for more Bridesmaids Ideas!


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